Why Honor is Vital

Why Honor?Jesus is the King of all Glory and Honor.I asked the Father what is honor?

1. Honor believes God’s purpose and will are being manifested in and through other Christians and that they too are in right standing with God.

2. Honor removes judgment from your heart.

3. Honor positions you for promotion.

4. Honor provides you with the mechanism to advance in all areas of your life.

5. Honor says, “Salute”, when you feel like slapping someone.

6. Honor gives your heart the open door to My throne to come in with all boldness and excitement.

Note: God’s heart is to honor all and to see all as His creation even though He risks being hurt by the ones who refuse to see the truth. God still honors their right for you to be wrong.

Restrictions on God / Others!

Many Christians have put restrictions on what they will allow to be confronted in their life by God.

I was given a dream where I was working as a landscaper and there was a old woman (represents Holy Spirit) who gave me a detailed tour of each person’s yard in the neighborhood. The lady said, “This one wants only the front yard mowed but do not touch the back yard at all.

Then she showed me the next house and said, “Now this one will allow their back yard to be mowed but don’t touch the front yard. Some houses had hedges that were over grown but in no way was I to touch them. After this I was shown the rest of the houses in this neighborhood and told what each one wanted and what they didn’t want done to their property.

I looked across the street and there was one house which the roof had caved in. The house was now full of hay stacked as high as where the roof used to be. This house represented peoples lives who refuse to allow God to mainicure and do landscapping in their lives. This one house was in a more advanced stage of decay. I said, “How could anyone remember what each person wants”?

The yard’s represent those areas in our life where God wants to use His landscaper (people, people in ministry, authoritive figures, people who oppose us, Holy Spirit, etc…) to come in and work freely in order to beautify the entire home. Wouldn’t you like a sign in your yard that said, “Lawn of the Month “?

God is a consuming fire and wants you to put yourself into His fire and allow the dead things in you to be burned up. Don’t draw back from Him. The quickest correction I have ever received from the Lord was by doing just that, drawing back!

Scripture reference: Jn. 15: 1-11, Heb. 12:29 for our God is a consuming fire.

Why Christians Fail to Make Progress?

Rising profitsWhen webput up a boundary in any area of our life we limit God. Self imposed boundaries limit what God can do in your life. Often the boundaries are developed from unresolved issues in our life, either from parents, associations, tragic events, rejection, low self image, etc.

God refuses to give up on us and allow these areas to go unchallenged. These un-dealt limitations show up when we interface with people in authority, such as persons appointed to one of the 5 fold offices, authority figures such as a supervisor/manager, parent, teachers, personal relationships, even in how we react to company/church policy or policy changes. These limitations continue to cause you to act out as a rebel, however subtle it may be.

Definition of a Rebel and Their Characteristics

A rebel is someone who is opposing or taking arms against a government or ruler, refusing or neglecting to obey, resisting treatment or management and is disobedient, against, bitter, wants to always change things to their liking, grievous, initiates provocations, stubborn, revolters that produce revolting acts & debates, backsliders, one who turns away from truth and withdraws.

Signs That You Are Rebellious

When we encounter levels of authority we tend to challenge it head on or perhaps in a more subtle manner reflected in our attitude towards others, or against policy changes or procedure.

Rebels are touchy & easily offended, needing special care.

Often a rebel will disassociated themselves from authority figures placed in their life because they will not submit from their heart. This is because they aren’t not fully submitted to God in the first place.

A rebel will throw up boundaries around areas of their life to keep people of authority out because the rebel wants to always be in control.

A rebel wants you to provide them with information while all the time shutting you out from their life. This is a subtle form of control.

A rebel will go from person to person seeking counsel so they can hear sweet words but will not press into God for His guidance in these matters.

A rebel first begins by distances themselves from leadership authority. This shows up in their performance. They may do what you ask but it may not be with their best effort.

A rebel will often ignore specific request by not producing the desired results.

Romans 2:1-13 (v13.) It is the doers of the Word who are justified.

Col. 3:22 Servants, obey in all things [your] masters according to the flesh; not with eyeservice, as menpleasers; but in singleness of heart, fearing God. V. 23 And whatsoever ye do, do [it] heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men v. 24 Knowing that of the Lord ye shall receive the reward of the inheritance: for ye serve the Lord Christ.

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    1. Wow talk about reading what I didn’t want to but so desperately needed to see……I have really been struggling with this spirit of rebellion and your words cause me to pause– thank you. To follow God is not to follow pieces of a plan but to obey all parts in order to see the complete picture.

    2. Wow talk about reading what I didn’t want to but so desperately needed to see……I have really been struggling with this spirit of rebellion and your words cause me to pause– thank you. To follow God is not to follow pieces of a plan but to obey all parts in order to see the complete picture.

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