What Is 2018 About?

What’s 2018 About?

I shall bind up the broken-hearted and lead the captives free. I will give strength to the feeble and restore what the canker worm has eaten away. I will give freedom to those who are bound up in sin and darkness. I will illuminate the dark places of your souls, for it is time to prepare for the oncoming darkness, which is so very near. Do not fear. Do not be afraid. If you belong to Me I will give you shelter amongst the upheaving times. Flight for the mighty will be impossible, but flight for the weak will be easy and swift.

Remember Me in the day of trouble and I will remember you. Less will become more and more will become less. The things you value now will become worthless in the days ahead. Release them from your eyes and your heart and let me take you to school on what is important to Me. For I value the help to the widow and the orphan, to the weak and the sick, to the poor and the downcast, to the hungry and the forsaken. Indeed, I will instruct My values upon the Church, the ones truly called by My name. For this is My will. This is My Way.

So says Your Father