Two Gems

Two Gems


I was traveling in the rural country of Mexico. I came across a place where a man was drilling and blasting rock. I stood by his car as he set off the explosives. I really enjoyed watching this type of work since my father worked as a powder man blasting out rock quarries and new highway routes. The blast erupted through the rock, throwing rocks and dirt clods high into the air. I saw too big, beautiful gems come rolling out towards me. One of the rocks hit the man’s right rear tire and stopped only a few feet from where I was crouched. The other rock landed next to the other rock. The two rocks were made up of gold and had clusters of white and blue colored gems within. The rocks were astonishingly beautiful. I picked up the two rocks and placed them in my suitcase.

aircraft carrierThen, I heard a voice say in the dream, “America has just built a new aircraft carrier and named it Chavez”. This disturbed me since in 1923 American aircraft carriers are named after historical naval vessels or battles. Chavez is not an historical naval vessel or battle, but the name of a socialist dictator in Venezuela who recently passed away.

Next, I saw high-ranking US Naval officers walking across the US border into Mexico for the specific reason of operating the new aircraft carrier Chavez.

The scene changed and I was in a restaurant in Mexico eating nachos. There were twenty Mexican people in the restaurant making things. One man came over to where I was sitting and began to hassle me. He said, “You don’t care if they are hungry?” He placed his hand on my plate as to take it away. I said, “Give it to them”. Then he whispered something to another man’s ear. I did not like the vibe I was getting in that place. I placed twenty dollars on the table a quickly left.

I then joined up with my wife at a popular swimming pool at the beach, which we had been too many times in the past. It had become very dysfunctional, over-crowed and very unpleasant. Mexico had changed.

– End


The man drilling and blasting the rock was an angelic messenger. The two rocks blasted out, represent two distinct revelations (gems) given to me.

Revelation: Gem #1

HUGOThe first revelation was the American carrier named after Chavez, which was a social revolutionist in Venezuela, who nationalized key industries, expanded food, healthcare, literacy, income equality and education programs. Chavez’ socialist program were built upon high oil prices to maintain and expand his socialist powers. When the world oil prices began to decline the Venezuela economy collapsed. After years of the Chavez socialist agenda, the people of Venezuela finally rose up and voted out the socialist government in a big way.

Sounds familiar does it not. Barack Obama has done the same things to America that Chavez did to Venezuela. Obama has taken over healthcare, which is a wealth redistribution program. He has expanded the food stamp program to its highest level in America history. He has introduced Common Core in the education system, and has weaponized department such as Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Social Security (SS), and Food Drug Administration (FDA) have guns and some department with military-style weapons (submachine guns). Obama continues to govern by fiat, writing executive order after executive order and makes changes to the Affordable Health Care Act (Obamacare) without going to congress to have the law changed which is the US constitution.

Note: When current democratic candidates or members of Obama’s administration are asked to define the difference between the Democratic Party and a socialist/communist party they are dumbfounded to answer.

Revelation: Gem #2

The second revelation is the change happening in Mexico. I have visited Mexico many times over the past 25 years and find it has greatly changed. It has become unsafe for the most part to travel in the interior Mexico. The cartels control key states and the political corruption reaches the highest levels of the Mexican government.

America’s open borders and non-existent enforcement of US immigration policy has allowed millions upon millions of undocumented individuals to enter the United States. Their influence will grow to a place where they begin to dictate US policy even more than it currently is at the time.

Darkness will increase day by day and the times ahead will be difficult. It will become even more necessary to hear God so we will know what to do during the chaos, which surrounds us. God is allowing this to happen to America because the people have turned away from God. His church is asleep and must awaken soon or it will be too late.

May you be blessed with understanding and comfort from the Lord.

Bro. Billy Nelson



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    1. God bless you Bro. Billy Nelson continue to sound the alarm. Many are anticipating the New Year in hopes of a more prosperous year. But I tell you the truth all I have receive in either visions, dreams, or prophetic words has been messages of judgment. With the exception of “New Glory” from God that comes with a price tag. Floods, Russia and China invasion, Martial law, fireballs, famine, earthquakes, volcano eruption, motions to impeach President Obama which will cause more judgments (for it is God’s will for him to be in office to bring about “change we can believe in”!!) but this shall be done to bring about the greatest revival known to man! God Bless and keep me in your prayers and I shall do the same.

      1. Marvin,
        Thank you for watching and seeing the things of God. Perilous times are ahead and the only way we can safely navigate through them is by hearing and seeing what the Father is showing us. It is all the more important to be growing in His love and allowing Him to transform us by the power of His love that He may work through us to the lost, hurting and forgotten harvest. Thank you for your prayers and I will be praying for you. Amen!

        Bro. Bill

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