Trustworthy, Faithful, Diligence and Allegiance

Date: 3/11/12

trustworthyI Am the great and wonderful God. I have created the worlds for My pleasure and formed man from the dirt of the earth. In every way, I planned and created it all for My pleasure. I put Trustworthy as the head of My table along with Faithful, and seated next to Faithful is Diligence and Allegiance. The four of them rule in My Kingdom as supreme counselors and guides, and no one passes through which hasn’t been approved by them. These are the ways of the Lord. These four follow Me wherever I go. Come to My table. Come one, come all and let us reason together. Let the faithful say, “In God I trust.” Let the ones who have an allegiance with Me stand in this hour alongside of Trustworthy & Diligence. If you do I will envelop you in My arms, My praise and favor, for the Lord is the giver of all life and life is eternal.


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