Wise Men Still Travel To See Him

Young Couple at Beach at DuskOne thing I have learned is that getting away from the familiar can stimulate your hearing of what the Spirit of God is saying. Sometimes when your driving and your flesh is occupied, your spirit man will hear God say things that you may not have be available for otherwise. And He said to them, “Come away by yourselves to a secluded place and rest a while.” Mark 6:31
My wife Jae and I like to get away for a time of prayer and relaxation at least once a year and this year we decided to travel to Moravian Falls, NC for our sabbatical. Each time we have gone on a trip to specifically seek God in an intimate way, we have experienced hearing His voice, many dreams, visions and supernatural events, and this trip had plenty. We only wished we had allowed ourselves more time for our divine get away.
Moravian Falls is located in the heart of Wilkes County, North Carolina. The town derives its name from a 35-foot waterfall and also from the Moravian brothers who settled there in 1753.
Moravian Falls is known to be an open portal or gate, which was established when the Moravian religious group held prayer on the mountain tops 24 hours a day for 100 years! Numerous ministries such as Rick Joyner, Gary Oates, Larry Randolph, Bob Jones and others all report that this is indeed a special place.


From my journal – Feb. 22-24, 2008
Journal Entry – 2/22/08
Angelic Manifestation -I felt about 7 or 8 gentle puffs of air being blown in my right ear. As each puff of air entered my ear canal, my right ear drum would pop in sync with the puffs. I looked around and saw no one there blowing my ear. (That was comforting to know. Ears represent spiritual hearing. This manifestation is related to an opening of my right spiritual ear.)

Journal Entry – 2/23/08
“I saw a massive army marching down a road, they were dressed like Roman guards during the time period Jesus walked on earth. They marched by me shoulder to shoulder, step for step, in a powerful moving synchronized force. I watched in awe as they marched past me with their shields, swords, spears and shiny helmets. As I looked to the front to see who the person in command was, I saw Jesus, dressed in a brilliant white robe, He walked like a man on a mission.

In the next scene of the vision, I was also marching in the ranks of this great army. Together, we made a thunderous sound as every man marched in cadence. I looked as far ahead as I could and saw Jesus at the front, He was riding on a white horse as He was leading us over the rolling hills apparently into battle.”

Journal entry 2/24/08 – I heard the Father say to me in the night, “There will be an increase of violence in the California prison system this year“. (Please join me in prayer to speak what God’s word says about the heathen’s rage against authority. There’s over a 177,000 prisoners in California)

After returning home from our trip, I had four dreams which God gave me during the night that showed me our sabbatical was indeed fruitful and that we would never be the same again.

Bro. Bill