The Pinnacle

Journal Entry: 2/8/11 – Dream: The Pinnacle

Mountain in HimalayasRecently in a dream I was removed from where I worked and taken on a journey to a location I did not know. A large truck-like vehicle was before me and I found a seat in the back of the vehicle as three other men joined me on the journey. Once we were all seated, the vehicle began to move along the path before us. I did not recognize the individual driving the vehicle, he just faced forward, never spoke or turned his head from the road ahead.

I felt anxious because I didn’t know where I was being taken or what was going happen to me when I arrived. I didn’t have a hard hat or safety glasses and wondered if I would get reprimanded for arriving without them. The three men traveling along with me seemed to share the same anxiety that I was experiencing, we all sat in silence wondering, waiting…

The driver kept looking forward never speaking to us as he focused on the destination. Miles and miles went by and then the road began to narrow just like the bow of a ship comes to a point. The road was bordered with cut stones to guide the traveler to the center. My breath left me in excitement as I saw the very point where the two sides of the road came together in a point, the Pinnacle.

I jumped out of the vehicle and ran to the pinnacle (def. a pointed extremity), it was in a very high place overlooking the world. Suspended, directly in front of the pinnacle, was what appeared to be a reflection of Heaven framed in billowy white clouds. In awe of the beauty of this place, I slowly turned around surveying the splendor of the world below. I felt just like a mountain climber, who had successfully ascended the summit of Everest taking in the panoramic view for as long as I could; it was so beautiful to be in this place. In some ways I experienced the joy of what Peter felt when Jesus took the three disciple up on the mount of transfiguration.  “Peter said to Jesus, “Lord, it is good for us to be here.” Mat 17:4

The other three men joined me at the Pinnacle. They wrapped their arms together and wanted me to take their picture. I wanted to video this place but all I had was the cell phone camera. The anxiety we had experienced earlier on the journey had been replaced with exuberance and awe of the wonder of this place.  Then the dream ended as quickly as it had begun, I awoke so refreshed and my heart was filled with encouragement.

 -Journal End –

My reflections:

The philosopher Nietzsche wrote, “For happiness, how little suffices for happiness! No matter how my walk may appear to the casual observer or to the harshest critic, it is ultimately my journey to walk and not anyone else’s. There is nothing more important than walking in the joy of the Lord in a real, alive and vibrant relationship with the Master.

When we’re found of the Lord we enter into an exclusive relationship with the Master. It is extremely exclusive as two lovers engaged waiting for the wedding day. He sends us gifts, love letters and whispers in our ear from time to time as He jealously watches over us. No devil can snatch us away.

This is the point and purpose of life; to live before our God in open consciousness, looking, waiting for His words to us and yielding to His will. Submission is everything! It calms our minds and truly puts Him in charge of our lives. When we reach this place, we enter into the arena of His perfect will and perfect journey towards the center thereof. He will guide us along the journey which He has set before we were ever created.

Prior to the dream, I was in a place of gloom due to circumstances beyond my control. In the dream the Lord assured me that the things, which He has promised to me over the years, will come to pass. I believe He showed me this dream to encourage me because of the currently delay which I find myself in right now.  I have learned that not all delays are due my disobedience, failures or short comings. A believer may also experience spiritual delays due to their obedience. In some cases, God is working on others to get them in alignment to His will so He may use them to aid us in our journey.  If you’re experiencing this, pray God will show you the cause of your journey’s delay and if not do a lot of praying in the Spirit. When you find your journey in an extended delay don’t stop petitioning the Heavens until God announces to you that the delay is over. He will eventually!

Bro. Bill