Return To Me

flagIt is essential to come to Me and abide in My shadow, under the covering of My wings, for it is the time of which the prophets spoke where the recompense of the Lord will be poured out upon the wicked. Many who sit in the high places will be brought low and the ones who have suffered in the low places will be exalted in the days ahead.

I am giving forth promotion to the faithful who have endured the trials and personal test of which came upon them at the will of the Father. The ends of things are a matter of discussion with the world leaders and they struggle to wedge their way to lead the world.

America has seen its glorious days fade and I will bring this nation to its knees. Wickedness is the rule of the day and discourse is the way of the land. Where is your genuineness? Where is the spirit of consecration to the things of God? America you have made Me a byline in the history of this nation. I have been pushed out of your schools, universities and your churches.

I wait for your return but it has not come. You seek pleasures to heap them upon yourself giving little thought to the less fortunate. Trouble will come and in great trials you will see what truly is important in life.

Home of the freeā€¦land of the brave?

No more!