Throwing the Spear – Vision

On March 2008, while I was in quiet time with the Lord, I suddenly saw myself in a vision. In this vision, I ran forward with my right arm raised up high and was holding a spear in my hand. I built up great momentum as I paced my steps like a javelin thrower while getting ready to release the spear at the exact moment with maximum power.

javelin manAs I looked to my immediate right I saw a muscled-up Olympian athlete running beside me mimicking my every motion. He was the most ripped up, powerful athlete I had ever seen. His right arm was raised as he paced his steps carrying a spear just like mine. As I released my spear, the Olympian released the spear he was carrying with a mighty thrust.

 However, I saw one spear going out from me headed into total darkness and heard a powerful metallic sound “whing-ching,” as the spear divided into hundreds of spears with such force. The spears hurriedly flew off into the darkness of the vision.  I said, “No one could resist such a weapon!” The vision ended.

 A day later my wife was sitting in her office on a Sunday afternoon and calmly said to me, “I believe you’re to start a blog.” I knew her anointing, I knew her walk with God and I trust her explicitly in these matters. (She’s able to recommend a book for someone, and the reader will know she’s heard God in the matter. She’s done it for me many times over the years.) So, when she said this about me creating a blog I began immediately to seek God as to what the blog should be about. I sensed I was to write about the supernatural side of God, which so many want to know more about and so little is truly written on it. So that is how “Walking In The Supernatural” came into being.

A year later I still didn’t know the meaning of the vision. I thought of it often and kept seeking God for the meaning but had no understanding. I am confident if I ask God for understanding about a matter, He will answer me at some point in time and He will tell me what He wants me to know. He does this because He wants us to know His secrets, He shares secrets with His friends but not His servants (slaves).

 “No longer do I call you slaves, for the slave does not know what his master is doing; but I have called you friends, for all things that I have heard from My Father I have made known to you.” John 15:15

“Call to Me and I will answer you, and I will tell you great and mighty things, which you do not know.” Jer. 33:3

About a year after this vision, while writing a blog, God revealed to me the meaning of the vision with the spear. The vision of the spear represents this blog; it was God’s certification for me to write the blog. He knows I don’t want to do things just for the sake of doing them, I want God to show me what He wants me to do and then do it with all my heart.

For the blog, God gives me dreams, visions, prophecy, revelation or I pull from my journal and events from my past which I feel inspired to write about. When I publish an article it goes into all the Earth. Each blog is read by hundreds of people, which is represented by the spear (whing-chinging) multiplying into hundreds of spears. Today, Walking In The Supernatural is read by people in all nations around the world, God is faithful and yes God is Supernatural!

In Christ Name,

Bill Nelson

  • The Stretching

    stretchingNote Added and Updated July 18, 2011

    This blog was written well before the Lord starting showing me the spiritual adultry of organzied religion. I was taught in my earlier years to submit to the pastor or you would be out of God’s will. In truth the Bible teaches for us to submit one to another. In the years that followed this blog God opened my spiritual eyes to the whoredom of the church system and showed how His people are committing spiritual adultry to the Babylon spirit by engaging in a man-made church system. I am no longer a part of the church system and have been shown many more things about it which I keep to myself for now. Read ,

    End of note,


    On Sunday just after my Pastor closed the service, I had a love offering I wanted to place in his right hand, which is sometimes jokingly referred to as “a Holy Ghost handshake.” I stepped up on the platform where my Pastor was standing, took him by his right hand as we embraced one another.We both began to weep then suddenly our tears turned to joyous laughter. We laughed in unison under the unction of Holy Spirit and my Pastor began saying, “He’s stretching me!” as he grabbed his abdomen. “It hurts, He’s stretching me!” I laid my hands on him and spoke, “Increase of more of God, more increase Lord, stretch him Lord!”

    God is stretching my Pastor’s ministry, his responsibilities, his beliefs and his territory.

    Prophecy: 5/25/2008

    I am making a way for more, more ministry, more of Me, more input, more of My realm. Increase, increase in the things of God. Take solace in the fact that the days ahead require more of the power of God working in the people of God.

    Mainstream ministries are content where they’re at, but the fledgling ones are hungry for more and who is like Me to confound the wise? Hidden away out of the sight of man and media, did I not do this with David the shepherd boy? In him was the destiny of a king as he stepped through his assignment in the fields of his father.

    Even My son Jesus was hidden among the people while I prepared Him for His assignment. No one knows the heart and the intent of a man’s heart but the Spirit of the Lord. When I choose a man, I intend for that man to be fully equipped in every area of his ministry.

    These are the times in which those who have made the necessary preparation to begin to shine forth as they come from the fields and from the hidden places in the earth. For these are the days of the end and I will raise up a people who have My heart and are willing to do whatever is necessary to win the lost souls.

    Remember to whom is given much, much is required…says the Lord.