When God Tells You To Go

Today is September 26, 2008, exactly five years since I resigned my position with a communication company in Dallas, Texas. In June of 2005, the Lord gave me a dream and the dream forevehandr changed the course of my walk with the Lord.


I was sitting in my office at work when an angel came and stood looking over the high cubicle wall. He was tall but had no facial features other than a green Gumby-looking shaped head. The angel was wearing a green blazer; I could see that he had another green blazer in his left hand and draped over his left shoulder.

The angel said, “It’s time to go!” I said, “Am I being fired?” The angel said, “It’s time to go!” I said, “What about all my stuff?” He said, “You don’t need that anymore.” I got up from my desk, walked down a long hallway with the angel to my left.  I was staring at the blazer knowing that it represented a mantel. This was the same long hallway that security walked employees out as they were being laid off.  The angel escorted me out the door and the dream ended.

My wife and I knew this dream confirmed other words and dreams we had received from Holy Spirit, that we were to quit our jobs and move back home to where we are currently living. 

trailWe both had great paying jobs.  We owned a five bedroom home with a three car garage situated on a lake in a very quiet and secluded area in the city. It would seem like allot to give up but we just wanted to follow God’s plan for our lives no matter what we had to give up.  I knew I had to pursue Him in this journey to obtain the mantel.

We put our home on the market and waited for it to sell. We waited and waited but nothing came of it. As September rolled around I re-read a prophecy that a man of God had given me; it said that if we would step out in faith, God would come in behind us like never before. Therefore, even without our home being sold, we decided to jump out in faith.  No matter how much faith we had or how clearly we had heard God’s word to us, the house payments keep coming in month after month.

On September, 26, 2005 I left my job, my work place ministry, some friends, our beloved home, church, city, lifestyle and everything that we loved in order to follow Him. God doesn’t ask everyone to follow this path, because few are willing to go the far with Him. It takes an extreme measure of faith and the honor of God to follow Him wherever He asks us to go.

Before moving to our new location we had been supernaturally yoked with our new Pastors. They shared many accounts where they had left great wealth, homes and cities to go where He had asked them. It truly helped to strengthen our faith and resolve because it seemed to us that they had been through much worse than what we were facing.  Read Elisha Followed Elijah…

desertJust as Elisha followed Elijah through hard places, when you’re truly yoked with a ministry, you may find that you go through many of the same things they went through. Elisha followed Elijah to Gilgal, Bethel, Jericho and finally to Jordan. 

The word Gilgal actually means “rolling away our reproach,” Bethel means, “making our approach to God, Jericho and fighting the battle for God” and Jordan means, “entering into death in Christ.”

This is the path you will certainly take if you’re going to follow God’s plan for your life. We lived for four years and eleven months on some savings we had tucked away and virtually no other income what-so-ever, and our house didn’t sell for nineteen months!  We were living for God and pursuing Him with everything in us while still making large house payments during those months.  God did sustain us through it all and spiritually we have been transformed in so many ways that we hardly really relate to our old selves while back in “Egypt.”

dry groundMy advice to anyone who believes they are to move or to do something for God, is being totally sure and unequivocally confident that you have heard God in the matter and not just in your soul. I believe a key that is often neglected in following God’s plan, is the failure to journal their dreams, their visions and the words they hear from the Father.  It’s impossible to remember in detail everything you are hearing and seeing to any great degree. In fact, if you will be faithful to journal, God will give you more and more things because you are honoring Him and listening carefully to Him. Perhaps journaling will be the subject of one of my blogs in the future.

Now, both my wife and myself are employed, we’re actually working together for an awesome company, with an awesome boss in work place ministry.  We mentor drug and alcohol addicts with love and the word of God.  We now have regular income once again and are we’re beginning to get our life back, but we’re different, so different!

We look back on our five years in the wilderness as a holy and precious time with God.  He led us through a slow death in Him yet at the same time a new life in Christ.  

God is faithful! If you will continue to be faithful to Him and to His house, He will prove Himself faithful to you and your house!

Go and be blessed in Him,

Bro. Bill