Obama Watching & Listening

Obama Watching & Listening

Dream: 5/27/2017

I was watching the national NCAA Division I football championship game. Arkansas and another team (opponent), whose name I can’t recall, were playing a hard-fought game. The opposing team, backed-up close on their two yard line, ran the ball up the middle and fumbled. Each team scrambled into the pile to recover the football. The Arkansas players celebrated as if they had recovered the fumble. The announcers commented if Arkansas had the ball they would most likely win the game. The scoreboard clock indicated it was the 4th quarter and 2:00 minutes remained in the game.

Per NCAA rules turnovers are automatically reviewed. The officials went over to the sideline to look into the monitors, watching all the available angles of the play in question. The crowd was all but silent. Then over the stadium loud-speaker Obama suddenly broke in and began talking about the right thing to do. Obama was trying his best to persuade the replay referee to make the call that he wanted. I got the feeling that O was watching everyone if it concerned him.  It felt so creepy and eerie. ~End


I believe the dream about the national championship game is about the past national presidential election past election between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Hillary’s political career began with Bill Clinton as governor of Arkansas, thus the team Arkansas was competing for the national championship. In the dream there was an apparent fumble and the Arkansas players were acting as though they had won. I see players in all kinds of sports trying to influence the outcome of the call but it seldom proves to be fruitful. The announcers were all but celebrating Arkansas’ win like they had recovered. In college Div. I football, the replay officials get the replay calls correct to a very high degree.

What Obama was doing was trying to influence the replay official call just like He did in the national presidential election and he is still trying to do overtly behind the scenes. In the eight years in which Obama was president he was successful in getting his tentacles in every form of US government. He corrupted and weaponized each department to do his will against anyone who didn’t political agree with him. If you have any doubt please review the IRS, State Department, IRAN nuclear treaty, MSM (main stream media), our court system by selecting activist judges and blackmailing members of the court system.  and so many more yet to come out. Obama is directly coordinating with powerful financiers to oppose Trump’s presidency. Even to overturn the election or expel trump from office. To many to list here.

It was the fourth quarter and only two minutes in the game references the prophetic time clock. This dream, and others I have had, clearly point to a major prophetic event just on the horizon. Please read http://seerofgod.com/a-storm-is-coming/ , http://seerofgod.com/category/end-time-revelation/ , http://seerofgod.com/coming-flood-darkness/

Seek Him while He may be found.

I pray you are blessed with understanding of His word and what the Spirit is saying in these dangerous times.


Brother Billy Nelson