Prisoners of the Blacks

Prisoners of the Blacks


Date: 6/28/19

I stood on a dirt countryside road, which from my view point, went up over a hill and faded into the horizon, and extended across America. As I stared at

Black man suffering

the top of the hill a black man appeared who had his arms extended outward in front of his body and his steps were beleaguered and he was in great pain. As he approached, I noticed he was handcuffed and there was such agony and torment on his face from his situation. As soon as this man passed by me another black man appeared on top of the hill and just like the previous man, he was bound and in great agony. When this enslaved black man walk passed me I sensed someone behind me. I turned to see who this person was.

It was a black man that stood behind me, dressed in black trouser, a white shirt that had security patches and amulets representing rank. I said, as I looked at the security officer, “It’s so sad!”  I felt such anguish in my heart for what I was witnessing. The security officer smirked at me with pure indifference to the black man’s enslavement. I knew then it was the black man that had enslaved the black population.

I then turned and looked at the top of the hill and witnessed one black man after another continued to come over the hilltop. One by one each enslaved black man walked past me. All were bound with their arms extended in front of their body, handcuffed and in great agony.

Then I heard the Father say, “This is how they stay in power, one district by district.” I immediately woke up and felt such sorrow from what I witnessed in the dream.


Dream Symbols:

Hill: The hill represents a struggle, challenges and obstacles with many ups and downs in achieving a goal. Just when you top one hill there is another one waiting in the distance.

Dirt Road: The long extended dirt road represents two things. The road extended over the hill represents time and the dirt means the path will be difficult and take effort and work to reach the goal.

Handcuff: The handcuffs suggest that something or someone is holding back your success. Enslavement, opportunities are shut off to you. You are experiencing a loss of power and effectiveness.

Security Guard: Represents something needed to protect and make secure, preventing anyone to interfere and make a change in the situation. Control!

Smirk: A smirk is specific kind of smile, one that suggests self-satisfaction, smugness, or even pleasure at someone else’s unhappiness or misfortune.


As I pondered the meaning of the dream and prayed about the meaning I couldn’t escape the way the dream made me feel. That’s always important in interpreting one’s or someone else’s dream. I was so sad. I will not soon forget the expression on the faces of the handcuffed black men in pure agony and suffering, nor will I soon forget the smirk on the security guards face. He was so indifferent to the other black men suffering. He actually enjoyed watching them suffering because he had power over them.

The Father spoke in the dream “This is how they stay in power, one district by district.”

The Holy Father was telling me He wants this subject addressed by the saints of God. We must pray for justice, fairness, and truth to prevail in our elections. Our current political system is corrupt.

When I heard the words, “district by district” I knew the Father spoke about voting districts. But, how are the blacks being controlled district by district by the blacks? Whose controls these districts? In order to better understand this you need to know a few important terms.

The old regime of black leadership primary goal was to deliver the black vote for the Democratic Party. Election after election the black vote has primarily gone for Democrats even though history now shows they got little for their vote. Many years ago, a covert war was launched against the blacks to keep them enslaved by drugs, welfare, housing programs, poor educations, and easy access to abortion programs.  In the big cities project communities gangs reign over the neighborhoods with the help of high powered automatic weapons being dropped off into the communities by some rogue group within the US government. It’s time for the black community to take a hard look at the frontline leaders over the last forty plus years. What have they actually done for the good of black communities? What are the NAACP accomplishments? What does the black leaders balance sheet look like over all these years? 

District: A voting district is a geographical area which is represented by a seat or numerous seats in a legislative body such as congress. In elections, voters registered in a particular voting district can only vote for candidates running for office in that district. In a single member voting district, voters can only elect one representative to the legislative body, whereas in multiple member districts, more than one representative will be elected for each district.

In the United States, there are 435 congressional districts in the House of Representatives, each held by a single Congressman or woman. Which districts get are represented by the seats are determined by population size and other minor factors. In the United States Senate, on the other hand, each state receives two senators to represent them. The number of senate seats per state remains constant.


To divide or arrange (a territorial unit) into election districts in a way that gives one political party an unfair advantage.

Historically, the black population was distributed across many districts in a manner which prevented them from having any real voting power. This political maneuver is call gerrymandering. The Voting Rights Act of 1965 changed that or did it?

Voting Rights Act of 1965

A law passed at the time of the civil rights movement. It eliminated various devices, such as literacy tests, that had traditionally been used to restrict voting by black people. It authorized the enrollment of voters by federal registrars in states where fewer than fifty percent of the eligible voters were registered or voted. All such states were in the South.

Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act

Blocks district lines that deny minority voters an equal opportunity “to participate in the political process and to elect representatives of their choice.” It applies whether the denial is intentional, or an unintended end result. Courts essentially test whether the way those districts are drawn takes decisive political power away from a cohesive minority bloc otherwise at risk for discrimination.

How do the districts get divided?

According to a Supreme Court case Thornburg vs. Gingles there are three conditions that must be considered in voting district alignments. The three conditions are often called Gingles conditions, after argued before the Supreme Court case 1985.

  1. Race and ethnicity –

    The first Gingles asks whether it is possible to draw a district so that a majority of voters belong to a geographically “compact” racial, ethnic, or language minority community.

  2. Votes Democrat or Republican –

    The second Gingles condition tests whether the minority population usually votes as a bloc, for the same type of candidate. This is a nuanced test: not whether the community usually votes for Democrats or Republicans (or others), but whether they would, give a fair mix of candidates, vote for the same type of Democrats or Republicans (or others).

  3. The third usually votes as a bloc –

    Gingles condition tests the potential competition: whether the rest of the population in the area usually votes as a bloc for different candidates than those preferred by the minority community. If so, this would mean that the minority’s preferred candidate would almost always lose — if the minority community’s voting power were not specifically protected. Together, the second and third conditions are known generally as “racially polarized” voting.

1-3 Credit to Loyola Professor Justin Leviitt’s guide to drawing the electoral lines document.

How are the blacks are controlled / suffering?

After the Voting Rights Act of 1965 the common practice of spreading the black population across many voting districts to weaken their voting power was prohibited. This practice is known as racial gerrymandering.

The resolution then became placing voting age minorities into single minority/majority districts. This allowed the blacks to elect the candidate of their choice. This became known a single-member plurality districts.

voting districts alignment
Methods of gerrymandering to obtain desired results

However, as the years past, the effect of concentrating the minority voting population into single-member plurality districts reduced the minorities power and democrats overall.  Often is the case that the election outcome was decided long before anyone voted. Basically, the elected politicians are in the business of rigging elections.  

Think “incumbent power” as politicians who have been in office for most of their lives are mostly the results of gerrymandering voting district lines so they never lose power. After the 2000 election was completed a study was done across all voting districts showed that almost 80% were non-competitive. In other words the outcome of who gets elected is predetermined and safe from competition.

The percentage of uncontested districts in any elections is a sure sign of political gerrymandering. This scenario is seen across both Republican and Democrat party lines.  In some election up to 30%-40% of districts may be uncontested. Which means the opposition party didn’t put up a candidate and no money was spent in that district.

Again, the voters didn’t have a choice in who was elected. How many times have you heard or said yourself, “It does no good to vote since nothing gets changed.” The sad thing is that the incumbent really didn’t have to earn your vote and they know it. They’re a shoo-in in every election. Single Member plurality means many wasted votes.

Ask yourself, “Do you choose your politicians or are they already chosen for you?”

How can the system be made fair for everyone?

In some states voter district commissions have been formed which have an equal number of Democratic and Republicans on the board. They decide the voting district boundaries but not without some fierce quarrels and charges of gerrymandering.  No matter how the system is changed politicians will try their best to gain the system to get or remain in power.

Politicians Gerrymandering for Desired Results
Voting is Rigged by Us

The entire voting system is being manipulated by both political parties. One party believes they best represent what best for the country so they draw district lines to control who gets elected. Currently, in North Carolina, Representative David Lewis, chairman of a committee carrying out court-ordered changes of the state’s election map stated, “I think electing Republicans is better than electing Democrats. So I drew this map to help foster what I think is better for the country.” Supreme Court justice Elena Kagan issued a scathing dissent. “The majority goes tragically wrong.” “You might think that judgment best left to the American people.” Kagan wrote.

Gerrymandering voting district maps is just one way to manipulate the vote in one party’s favor.  The current party controls the way voting districts get redrawn. It’s no coincidence when the district lines end up favoring the party in charge.  There are currently many other ways to change the voting results in US elections.

  1. Uncontrolled immigration

  2. Fight voter ID laws

  3. Allowing non-citizen of the United States to vote state and federal elections.

  4. Removing the “Citizenship” question from the 2020 census was done by Barack Obama in 2008 to game the voting districts by increasing the population in states so they have more representatives in the House of Representatives.

I saw an image similar to this in a dream
long, dusty, hard road for black voters in American politics

I believe every person’s vote should count.  In the current system this isn’t the case. The Holy Father gave me the dream about how the blacks are enslaved in the current system. Even in districts where a black representative has been elected, the blacks haven’t been properly represented. Their districts remain impoverished and many feel hopeless. The solution isn’t violence but fair and competitive elections across America. Every vote must count.

Career politicians need to become a thing of the past. Term limits should be standard across the board from mayors, local city councils, commissioners, state and US offices. It’s long past time for the black population of America to be empowered by their vote. The black struggle is real and they are being controlled by a group of black leaders who keep them enslaved within a corrupt political system. Please share and pray for deliverance! 

Dear Holy Father,

I thank you for bringing this revelation to light so we can petition heaven for Your help. Deliver the black population in America from such an evil practice of racial gerrymandering enslavement and corrupt politicians who keep the black communities enslaved. I ask you Father to expose racial gerrymandering before all the nation and world in order that it may be eliminated from the American voting landscape. Deliver the black communities from drugs and gangs which are continually perpetuated by darkness across America. I pray that all who are responsible for such corruption will be brought to swift justice in order that all may truly comprehend their crimes against humanity. Holy Father I pray and believe you will raise up new black leaders who have your heart for their communities and love America. Who will, by your power bring light and freedom to the black communities and America as a whole. I thank you Father for there is nothing covered up that will not be revealed, and hidden that will not be known. Father may you be glorified and may we always lift you up in our hearts.  Father bring us hope, strengthen our faith and give us resolve to work together to bring this to pass. Amen

rev. 8/14/19