The Greatest Changes Are Happening Now


changeI heard the Lord say, “The greatest changes are happening now.” Then I picked up my journal and He began to speak.

Give unto Me your up most attention now. Focus your mind on the things of God and you will rest in peace in the steadfastness of the Lord. For a great shaking is about to come upon the whole world, as a sieve you will be tossed about, but if you cling to Me you will not fall through the basket but will be the most prize choice harvest of the Lord.

Who is to say the Lord will do it this way or the Lord will do it that way? I tell you few of My people truly hear My voice and even fewer speak what I truly say. I am cleaning My house and restoring My house and I will have a people, a bride suitable for My Son, the bridegroom, to marry.

Make Me big in your life. Purify yourself. Your ways must become My ways and your heart must be single to Me. If you do these things you will stand before Me as Mine in whom I am well pleased.

Now cast aside all encumbrances, weights, sin and come and follow Me for I will take you to the High Mountain of the Lord. The highest of the Holy place and you will make your abode with Me forever. Indeed I come for a bride who is without spot, wrinkle or blemish. She is adorned with all beauty and loves Me with all her heart.

Now be of good cheer for the things you’ll discover along the journey will bring you into realms of My glory never imagined by man even to this day.

Church, you have much to discover about Me, much to learn. Now come, head your lives My way. Come, the Lord says come.

Bill Nelson

  • Jewels – My Bride

    July 25, 2009

    I will rejoice greatly in the LORD, My soul will exult in my God; For He has clothed me with garments of salvation, He has wrapped me with a robe of righteousness, As a bridegroom decks himself with a garland, And as a bride adorns herself with her jewels. Is. 61:10

    “Can a virgin forget her ornaments, Or a bride her attire? Yet My people have forgotten Me Days without number. Jer. 2:32

    necklaceMy jewels, My dear ones that sparkle amongst the thorns and carbon. How you have transformed and been polished even to this day. Have I not said that the bride shall adorn herself with jewels on her necklace? Is she not to make herself ready? For I come for a bride that is spotless, without stain – for a bride who has made herself ready for Me.  For she is as a garden chaste for Me and Me alone. She grooms herself daily and avoids the very appearance of evil.

    I have called unto her and she hears My voice and she does not listen to another. I await the time, the appointed time, when My Father says to Me, “Come into your garden for she awaits and is ready, ready for her lover, the lover of her soul to come.” And the Son shall obey the Father and take the bride, His appointed bride. The one He has awaited for, the bride that is prophesied, cared for, the one that He will not relinquish.

    In between then and now, you My bride have many challenges, persecutions and yes, hard trials but as I have promised and thus I will do – I will supply every need and I will hold you up even in the most difficult of times so that you may flourish and even stand out to the others who continued to ignore My plea to come unto Me, to make themselves ready. For as I have said in My word the door is closing for them, the door is closing. Ignore this caution, the call again and again as you have in the past and you will not find my grace extended to you in the day of trouble for your fear will override My good judgment and your mind and your heart will not find Me in your reasoning, for I am not there.

    If you don’t listen to Me today in the peace and safety of this brief time, how will you hear Me in the times of despair and harsh trouble when chaos is the order of the day, with trouble on all sides, so making no place of escape? America – Dull of Hearing!

    chaste gardenMy bride will shine among you. You will see her. Her beauty come to your shame that your light is darkness and your reward has been ripped from your hands by the evil one. Forsake your evil conduct today and turn now. Make the necessary preparation for My return. Not provisions, not hoarding, not seeking shelter, but come under My wing and rend your heart to Me and cry for mercy that I may restore you from your adulterous way for you (church) indeed are laying as a lover with foreign spirits that have violated your purity and you have fallen from your pursuit of the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.

    Return – Repent – Restore and make yourself ready for I come to My Garden, My bride.

    Bro. Bill Nelson

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