Transitioning From Death To Life

In fall of the year things go dormant. They change and evolve from life to deadness as it so seems to the casual observer, but life abounds in the tree absent of foliage. There is life even in death; for if only my people understood this. For there to be more life there has to be more death.

Now and going forward you will begin to come out of darkness into the light and see that truly it is day, a day like no other; for I am the one who molds and prepares the chosen few in the secret place.

Limelight is for the self-promoters who flail away trying to get to the top of their precedence. Little do they know that the mountain of prominence which they climb will soon be leveled by the breath of My mouth.

Come to Me. This is a time of great joy as I transition the body of Christ around to their places. You will see new faces appear that have My heart. A heart to follow Me to the end; the expected end that I have chosen and fashioned, a glorious end where I AM. Am I not the Omega, waiting for the culmination of the age? You are closer now that ever, closer now than most think.

Now, I say raise your voices and rejoice for I give you life, liberty and the ability to find happiness in Me.

For I AM Ever Faithful,

Your Loving Father

prophecy- 12/18/2009

Bro. Bill Nelson