Obama’s Secret Cemetery

Obama’s Secret cemetery

I saw a young man standing on a plot of land. He was assigned the duty of burying dead bodies as they arrived. At first two bodies showed up and the young man began to dig their graves in a secret cemetery. Each body that arrived was dressed in a black business suit and resembled President Obama.

cemetaryObama did not want anyone to know their identities or that these men had died, so he gave instructions that this activity is to be done in total secrecy. The young man assigned to bury the bodies complied by obtaining large black blanket, which was used to cover up the burial activities. He made a temporary frame from some wooden stakes and laid the blanket over the frame. The blanket was just high enough above the ground that he could work under it without anyone being able to see what he was doing.

Later two more bodies showed up, each dressed in a black business suit, which also resembled Obama and they too needed burying. Two new graves were dug and the bodies placed in them and covered up without the public knowledge. The plot of land was quickly filling up with bodies in Obama’s secret cemetery.


Seeing dead bodies that resembled Obama means that he is detached from those around him. Obama is emotionally drained from all the responsibility and he just wants to move on from these problems. Plainly put…bury them! Obama does not want anyone to know how and what he is detached from so he keeps it a secret for political reasons. His most recent golfing vacation to Martha’s Vineyard, while the world is burning, exposed his true detachment from reality.

However, now confronted with problems he can no longer avoid he needs to make important decisions quickly and act upon them immediately which is not something Obama has been able to do in his presidency. He is over cautious and fears making mistakes so he chooses to do nothing and hope the problem goes away. My wife had a dream earlier in the year, which showed Obama bent over the toilet, grabbing his stomach as he vomited with great discomfort. Apparently, in private Obama suffers from severe stomach discomfort from the weight of his presidency.

Currently, Obama is facing multiple problems. The conflict in Iraq and Syria with ISIS, Russian in the Ukraine, Benghazi, IRS probe, Obamacare, immigration and our open borders, mid-term election, China on the rise, Iran’s nuclear program. This administration has more scandals and cover-ups than the press can keep up with. Do you remember the Fast and Furious scandal? Fast and Furious, Eric Holder’s Department of Justice got caught smuggling guns to the Mexican cartels, became one the first dead body buried in Obama’s secret cemetery.

Obama’s presidency is in disarray as the whole world looks on for answers to come from his leadership. Most nations no longer look to America as a nation that is to be trusted and our enemies no longer fear us.

Many important things about Obama have been hidden by burying them in that secret cemetery along with many bodies, and I expect there will be many more bodies to come.

Even while I was writing this blog this morning the news bulletin flashed across the computer screen, “Obama to delay acting on immigration until after mid-term elections.”

Mark 4:22 (NASB) 22 “For nothing is hidden, except to be revealed; nor has anything been secret, but that it would come to light.

Bro. Billy Nelson

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    1. Chris works with a guy that will remain nameless. This guy was special forces in the US Army that work alongside other troops in the fast and furious conspiracy. Without giving great information or secret information to Chris he did say that what the newsrooms are reporting about the fast and the furious is and what actually happened on the ground is two different stories. He said you have to take what the news says with a grain of salt because the actual story may be a much deeper and much harder for the American public to swallow. He did say that the powers to be in that operation made some very very bad decisions and that those decisions cost the lives of special forces and border agents as well. Very sad!

    2. My heart really goes out to the President. God is a God of the nations. In His foreknowledge He knew of Obama. He has been elected for the second time; let Proverbs 21:1 happen to him through pour intercessions for him.

      The president does not know the Lord and we Christians should pray for him. The whole world is in disarray.The situation would and could overwhelm anybody. Obama needs to be upheld before the Throne of Grace 24/7.

      God has people in America; we must remember that and Obama’s inability to lead and take decisions must not cause the righteous to suffer. If the people pray and seek God’s face,we know that You will heal the land in spite of who is leading.

      God reveals to redeem. Father we thank you that You have revealed because You want to redeem. Let the people of God pray and let God have mercy on America.

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