New Realm



realmGod is saying to us now…Step up, believe Me, use Faith to cloth yourself in righteous acts….and we are, we will, indeed it is a new realm in which we have entered so quietly, in secret, only known by those who are pursuing God…who’s heart yearns for Him in the night and seeks Him during the day…a secret realm…where God is ushering His quick answers to our prayers…quick, faithful.


To answer and be available to our ever need…our care, inspire us to hope and to believe in Him more and more growing our faith like an avalanche rushing down a mountain devouring all obstacle to its path….completeness comes to us in the days ahead…the years, the next few will bring us to the place where we don’t recognize our past failures, our past lives, our old faith…has been decimated by the new God faith that is ushered from our breath as we are marching to the days of Christ imminent return.


Casting down strongholds like match sticks….thrusting the sword of faith into the powers of the earth causing all our enemies to tremble…for we’re not the same any more….we been transformed into warriors of the living God!

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