My Glory Will Soon Be Revealed

My Glory Will Soon Be Revealed


My glory will soon be revealed. The hour is nigh and the time of the end is near. People gather in the streets to protest and rail at one another as their means of bring change, but it does not include Me. I am the perpetual giver of love and grace to all who call upon My name. The change I bring gives life and a life that truly matters. Some have taken My words and twisted them to promote their own agendas. My agenda is to save mankind from his own corrupted self, to show mercy where there is no mercy, to give love to the unlovable, to turn man’s heart back to God. I am the great I AM. Nothing is impossible with Me. Lift up your heads for your redemption draws nigh.

Your Father


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      1. Deb,

        Thanks for reading the Seer blog. I’m excited for you and your walk with God. We know and we can see great darkness flooding into the world as God is removing peace from the earth. We also know that the light of God will shine forth in our hearts as the church begins to wake up from its slumber. Arise and shine for the light has come! Amen.

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