I Will Instruct You

I will instruct you in My ways as I bring blessing and prosperity to your camp. For the favor of the Lord is upon you. In times past I have been behind you, now I am moving out in front of you like a praise choir which sounds forth the coming of My Glory. Let those who oppose Me tremble and be afraid for I am giving you their territory. Rejoice and be glad for the righteous inherit the land. Seeing is believing to them, but to you believing will bring forth the promises of God.


All is about to be thrown into the wind, the ever swirling wind which will take many from your midst.  They will tremble at the times which are coming on the earth, for their foundation will be sorely shaken.

 Increase, I bring increase in the flow of My Anointing upon My faithful ones. What used to take years will now be days.  Expect a miracle and it will occur. Stand-up in your faith and declare unto me and the heavens My truths and those words will go forth like arrows into the earth.

Rejoice O My Saints, for I will gather you unto Me now, come to Me, bring as many as you can, for I AM and ever consuming fire.

Your Father

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