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    1. Antonio,

      Good to hear from you. If we were visiting in person and you told me this story, I would first ask if you are a believer/Holy Spirit filled as in Romans 10:9-10?

      “that if you confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved; for with the heart a person believes, resulting in righteousness, and with the mouth he confesses, resulting in salvation.
      Romans 10:9-10”

      Is your mother was still alive? And if so is she still a witch?

      If she’s still a witch or the necklace has been used in occult practice I would not keep it around. Since I no so little about your situation it difficult for me to definitely say. It just seems to me the necklace has darkness attached to it. If you see an increase in demonic activities or you mind/thoughts/mood changes after receiving the necklace then you know it’s of the occult.

      Antonio I pray you will bow your knees and heart to the Holy Father and seek Him with all your heart. Ask Him to deliver you from any darkness, generational curses & word curses. Get into the word and study what Jesus Christ has done for us.

      Bro. Bill

    2. Looking for someone to help me understand what it is that God allows me to see. I see many many big blue sources of energy. I have seen spiritual warfare first hand in my bedroom when I think the devil wanted my soul and so much more. I dont know if what I’m saying have any meaning. Looking for someone who I can contact to look into the spirit and give me a better understanding. Thanks

      1. Dear Trish,

        I would like you to listen to this video of Kenneth Hagin speaking on the gift of discerning of spirits. This may help you better understand what you may be experiencing.
        Also listen to the part 1 f 2 on the gift of Knowledge and the gift of Wisdom. I pray this helps. Bro. Bill

    3. I was researching the difference between portal and gate and found your site. Are you still actively on this blog? I have been brought to Florida by the Lord and I believe a portal is about to open over a area and I need some wisdom. I like you have suffered much in my lifetime because of the calling I have on my life. But I need help with this. The Spirit of the Lord is already brooding over this area. I want to protect the anointing and honour the light. I don’t want to see the enemy come in again and kill steal and destroy what God is trying to do.

      1. Deborah,

        I am still active on this blog although I haven’t written publically in over a year. Most of what I’ve been hearing has been only for me and my family. It may sound odd but sometimes I read my blog and am amazed at what the Father has ministered over the course of the past ten plus years. If I can help or pray for you I will.

        Blessing of peace, joy and strength to you.

        Bro. Bill

    4. Kindly pray for me, I need a financial breakthrough seriously. Only your spiritual intervention can get me out of the debt trap am in. Please pray for me.

      1. Gilbert,

        I prayed in agreement with your request and it’s up to the Father now not me. I have no power but I know the one who does. I will continue to lift up your matters before Him. Please let me know how this all works out…and faith knows it will. The Father will always do what is best for His children. With love in Christ…Bro. Bill

        1. The Holy Father controls the portals to the third heaven. it is guarded by His angels as well as our home is. We live a quiet live by His instructions. No more need be said.

    5. Dear Brother Bill, I am so desirous of the gift of hearing audibly and seeing clearly from God but can’t, I don’t know why. Pls any assistance

      1. David,

        God speaks to us in many ways and often people don’t recognize it. He may speak by a dreams, vision, a knowing, which just comes to a person, personal prophecy, while ready or studying the Word, etc. I often use a GPS navigation app when traveling to an unfamiliar route. The GPS app will give directions and off I go and then remains quiet for a long time because I’m on the right path. I just keep going on the path I’m on until I need more instructions. God is that way in many respects. Here’s one of my blogs that with some information on hearing.

        Just make time to come and be still before Him and wait and see if He wishes speak something to you.

        Blessings of hearing and peace to you.

        Bro. Bill

      2. David,

        God is in the secret place and that requires one to be still, get alone and wait upon Him. Pray “Draw me Lord. Draw me Lord unto your secret place. Amen!

      1. Pastor Dan thanks for your comment and interest in what the Father has been showing Me by His Spirit. I would be interested in speaking with you about your inquiry. I am having some difficulty speaking a lot due to some allergies. Allergy medicine may help. I can contact you through Facebook messenger?

    6. I was coming out of store on December 24,2016 going to my car and I looked up in the sky as the Lord told me to,when i did there was a hold in the cloud with a bright light in the middle of it,That’s when the Lord said there is a open Portal. it was amazing to here this for myself from the Lord ,because we always here other give a word and not no the real meaning of and I really didn’t understand .Than you Lord

    7. I tried to use your Contact page to reach you but received an error message. Please use my provided email address for a more private communication. Thank you.
      -A Central Texas Missionary

      1. Due to the onslaught of mass hacking attempts I was advised to turn of the contact page. Apparently some websites were compromised by accessing the contact form. Sorry for the inconvenience. May the Lord bless you with strength and peace today! Amen!

    8. God has revealed some things concerning my life, despite that it looks totally different with the natural eye.
      I know God has revealed these things, but I am really going through some serious spiritual warfare.
      How do you hold on when things look so grim? I am praying, but I feel battered and worn.

      I am a seer and I have the gift of discerning of spirits. This is a hard battle for me and has been going on for a few years. I’ve been told that I’m crazy for believing and I should let go of my belief that it is going to change.

      1. Nikitia,
        One truth that is established that if we persevere and never quit we will be victorious, no matter what the circumstances may be. Once during a hard spiritual battle when all seemed lost and I couldn’t hold on. My salvation was in immediate peril. I heard the Father ask me, “Do you trust Me with your life?” When I answered “Yes” He immediately made a way of escape for me. Time and time again I have to reafirm that declaration that I trust Him with my life. Trails will come and go but we must always trust Him with our lives knowing that in this life trials will come but we surely will overcome them all in Christ Jesus. God Bless you with resolve and might in your spirit today. Bro. Bill

      1. Dear Sylvia,

        Great to hear from you and your desire to learn and know more about the gift and calling of the seer/prophet. God will lead you to kindred spirits which you immediately recognize have the same gifting spirit within yourself, at least that is the way it was for me and several others I know. As far a teaching material I would highly recommend the prophetic teaching of Prophet Kent Simpson. He has a complete set of DVDs titled “Complete School of Prophetic Knowledge. link:
        also Stephen Hanson link: I love these men and highly recommend them to anyone who has a desire to be ground in biblical prophetic teaching. The blog is chocked full of examples of the seer/prophet walk. I hope this helps you step in the right direction.

        May God Bless You With The Desires Of Your Heart!

        Bro. Bill

    9. Awhile back I read what u wrote in THE YEAR. 2014 and the Lord coming. HE did not! I am not judging you as I have had my own wrong hearing from what I beleive the lord spoke to me and I only told like 2 people. I did not put it out there for all to see which is fine but it bothers me that you have never said, “hey folks I was wrong, I thought I got that right but I did not”. It makes me not trust then and after so much mistrust over the years from wrong words given that never came to pass not personally but in the churches I was in.
      When we are wrong I beleive we need to say so and move on.
      That was a word that was so exciting for me because I am very much awake but so very ready to go Home. I would appreciate it very much if you would reply
      Sincerely, Debra

      1. In 2008 a sister in the Lord have spoke to me in passing one night at a church meeting and said the Lord told me to tell you Habakkuk 2:3 3 “For the vision is yet for the appointed time;
        It hastens toward the goal and it will not fail.
        Though it tarries, wait for it;
        For it will certainly come, it will not delay.

        I don’t believe I said the Lord will come in 2014. We’re to know the season and we do live in the times of the end. I try my best to interpret what the Lord shows me to with a humble heart and I realize I only see through a dim glass. Should the Lord have come in 2014 would you or I been ready? Frankly I wasn’t. I know His church isn’t ready now. My most recent blog is “Wake Up Church”. The church isn’t ready. I’m sorry if you misunderstood or was injured in any way. I have suffered great loss publishing what the Lord gives me by the religious folk. That will never change since it been that way since the beginning.

    10. Ive been having prophetic dreams since i was a child. I have seen numerous dream that God gave me come to pass. I didnt know what gift/annointing god gave me til the other day God spoke to my heart several time saying “Seer! Seer! SEER! I didnt know what a Seer was so i looked online and saw that prophetic dreams. Wow. I didnt know for years what gift had given me i just knew God has given me many prophetic dream that He has brought to past.

    11. Hello ,
      my name is Deana Steiner (prophet/seer)also i am a re~incarnated prophet from 17th century . Sound crazy , i thought i went crazy but as it turns out im not thankfully…
      I feel i am blessed , but in need of dire help and Im hoping that you may be the one who can…
      I asked during my meditation last night for a guide ,someone to help me understand more of what is happening , all this is very new to me . It has not be a slow progress its been more like a crash course , anyway i feel my stumbling upon your site is no coincidence i see it as a sign from God saying here you go and is answering my plea for help through you . I am praying you will answer my call and hopefully be able to enlighten me …
      Sincerely ,

    12. I was on Hospice over 2 years ago..I had laying on of hands:Speach in Tongues
      I have dreams..First Dream I was taken to a high place and heard “Holy Seed” which I was not super familiar with being a Lutheran most of my life..Second dream I was chasing a small animal with a old neighbor I had and he called the small animal a Seer which I was not familiar with the term..
      Since then which was over a year ago I have many Dreams/Visions. I never knew these things and I came across a Revelations 12 Signs and wonders from heaven. For September of 2017.
      Over the last year I have been developing my Astronomy Levitical Knowledge.

    13. Please pray for me for strength, for grace, for wisdom and for divine providence. I went through a difficult time at work last year, and everyone I turned to for help disappointed me. In the end I was unfairly dismissed and my appeal was not heard. I am looking for another job, and also facing some challenges in my family. it just feels like I am living under closed heavens and I am getting desperate. I need a miracle for myself and for healing in our family.

    14. Thank you, Bro. Bill, for the revelation on the “Millions Will Perish–End Times” message. While at the PBS station taping this message, Justin, a technician, sat in the studio with me while waiting for my tech to return from the rest room. He was so impressed with the message he had just heard. I asked him if he was a Christian. He hesitantly said, “I believe.” I asked whether he had prayed and asked Jesus into his heart. He said, “No. I haven’t gone to church in a long time.” So, I led him in a simple sinner’s prayer. He was so “touched” by the Holy Spirit. Praise the Lord! ~~ Last month, Jennifer (a technician) taped my two shows. She seemed downhearted when we started. After the first show, her demeanor completely changed. I almost felt she like she wanted to “dance for joy” while she was checking me out. I perceived that she felt condemned, and my explanations and examples of the Ten Commandments made her realize that Jesus truly loves her just the way she is. Her job was to love the Lord and keep His commandments, and pray daily. Smile (Your latest blog? on “the good book” is sooo true.) Thank you again for being obedient to the Lord’s call on your life. God bless you. Pat

    15. Please pray to our heavenly Father that i will experience His blessings and a transformation for the better in my spiritual,physical,financial,social and ministry life.

      God bless you!

      Nicholas Nganga
      P.O Box 3305

    16. Paul,

      Things your need to do is align up with God will in the matter.

      First, you have to forgive the person(s)who has done you wrong.
      Second, you need to pray for them as you would yourself.
      Third, Release the money as if it was sown to God.
      Fourth, Leave the burden with God. Imagine taking it a placing it on Jesus’ shoulders. Don’t pick it up again and await God’s resolution.

      Blessing of favor in all future finincial matters!

      Bro. Bill

    17. I need supernatural deliverance. Please pray for me so that CEASAR AUGUSTO PEREZ and his organization of which he is the chief CORPAEDA will pay me now for my English programme that they tried to steal from me and also be very unfair with me concerning it. I have taken the matter to the authorities, but I do not want it to go to the courts really because it could take a long time to get any results. I do not have the time. Please pray so that this young man and his family who runs the university in general will make a settlement (out of court and otherwise) immediately. These are bad people and I need some justice. I really need this money which is rightfully mine for my studies and continuation of my life. But they don’t want to pay. Please pray that God will soften them up and this man so that he will for once in his life have a heart and a soul and pay me now. I have been waiting for almost a year. I am so exhausted and fell so all alone. i am concerned for my own life and future. I need my money now. Thanks Paul.

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